Boil, boil…

By Brianne Barkley

Based on The Daily Post’s Weekly Challenge: A Pinch of You

witches, witch, cauldron, boil, story, fiction, potion, funny


The thick green steam that rose up left my hair twice the size as usual. Frizzy split ends stuck out at odd angles and beads of sweat started to roll down my neck.

I cackled manically.

“A pinch of servitude!” I yelled, dancing around the scorching cauldron. “A dash of reliance. A splash of charm.”

I threw in random ingredients and watched the concoction sizzle and snap at me, changing from green to pink to a fluorescent yellow.

“Nearly ready,” I screeched. “Just one… more… touch…”

I raised my hand triumphantly, ready to add the final ingredient. Ready to complete the makings of my treasured slave. When out of nowhere, that woman. That shameful woman! She’s always skulking around, waiting to pounce and ruin my plans.

She looks at me and she smiles. Smiles!

I can see it before it happens. I can see that wicked woman is about to thwart my plans again!

She sighs at me. “Take the dog out of the pot please, honey.”

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