Cloudy With a Chance of Brains

By Brianne Barkley

{Note about today’s story: I took this picture while walking my dog today during a particularly dense foggy morning, and couldn’t help but let my mind wander, thus this story was born!}

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Copyright of Brianne Barkley of Brianne Writes


This morning my dog and I were met with what I can only describe as zombie weather. Mist hung in the air, chilling us both. The breath of a thousand fiendish zombies was suspended thickly, creating fog so dense I could barely see the trees along the street.

Spider webs glistened from green bushes, wet and sparkling with the spiders who-knows-where, though I imagine they were off sulking about their newly destroyed home. Fluffy dandelions were weighed down with damp air, leaving them looking like a kid with a bad mohawk.

My dog was trembling so hard that she shook the leash in my hand. I looked at her and she looked back at me. Troubles afoot, she said through her eyes. She growled low at the murky haze in front of us, obviously distraught that she could not see the path set out in front of her. I patted her on the head and told her, “Don’t worry; it’s just a little fog.”

But then I saw them. They came creeping out of the mist, dragging heavy limbs and grunting angrily. My dog let out an echoing bark and, judging by her expression, immediately regretted it. Those inhuman creatures turned their dead faces towards us and let slip low groans from their lips.

They came in pairs, in groups, in floods of angry mutterings and disgruntled looks. Bags of blue were set deep under exhausted eyes. Heavy briefcases dragged along the ground, loose in weary hands. Feet dragged along the pavement, shuffling drowsily.

The zombies had arrived; the overworked creatures of a misty Monday morning.

10 thoughts on “Cloudy With a Chance of Brains

    • Thanks! I’ve dappled in it a bit but always find I get bored like 20 pages in, which is why I lean more towards the short stories. But it’s definitely a goal to get a novel out there one day!

      • wow!!! I also envision your as a movie someday. That’s why I have read…you are such a good writer.

        I know you will get a novel and it will be interesting to read.

        Hi! I’m charlie Zero pleasure to make your acquaintance.
        You should read my poem sometime. :)

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