My Hero

By Brianne Barkley

Based on The Daily Post’s Daily Prompt: Heroic


When we first met, I cried in his arms. He hushed me gently and, through blurry eyes, I gazed up at him. Kind eyes, with thick glasses magnifying his own glaze of tears, looked back at me, whispering promises of a great life.

Years later, I would wait for him to come home. Every day, I waited with the anticipation of a toddler, wondering if maybe he’d be early today. Maybe he’d surprise me that day. On an old squishy sofa I sat, my favorite show playing in the background, while my eyes darted impatiently towards the door, waiting for the tell-tale squeak of the old doorknob turning.

More years passed, and I yearned to be with him still. Late nights took him on drives to work, off to fix other people’s problems. I would happily tag along, bumping around in his van filled with tools, flipping through his book of CDs, picking new favorites from The Beatles or Aerosmith, listening to Hole in my Soul on repeat until he asked me why I didn’t listen to the rest of the songs. And so I did, and so I came to love music.

Many years later than this, I would tell him I hate him. I would scream his injustices back at him, tell him everything was his fault, tell him that he couldn’t control my life, tell him to shut the hell up. But he wouldn’t leave, and he wouldn’t strike back. He would merely shake his head at me, disappointed in my hatred, and walk away.

As our time together grew longer, we drifted in and out of each other’s lives. But he was never far. Never out of reach to lend a hand or an ear or a shoulder. Never has he been too busy to drop what he was doing at the sound of the words, “Dad, I need your help.”


P.S – I’m back, hopefully, to post more often. My life has finally settled down enough!


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